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Pregnancy Massage

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pregnancy massage

Pregnancy what a miraculous, joyous, wonderful, challenging experience in a womans life. Women are anxious to learn what's best for their bodies and their babies as they move through the nine or ten months of pregnancy.

Taking time for yourself during pregnancy can be emotionally uplifting. The touch of massage can allow pregnant moms to unwind and feel beautiful, to relax, be healthy and comfortable during a time of physical and emotional stress.

Pregnancy massage is the newest option for women who want a wonderful outcome of their pregnancy. More and more therapist are being trained to provide massage specific to pregnant women, many women are trying pregnancy massage and enjoying its many benefits.

Massage therapy has long been recognized as an effective means of pain and stress relief. During pregnancy, the benefits of massage are enhanced - Relaxing the mother; reducing the flow of stress hormones to the baby; nourishing the baby by increasing blood flow; and relieving any stress and pain in the lower back and pelvic area of the mother that will help make for an easier labor, quicker recovery and lessen the chances of postpartum depression. Most women find that they sleep much better after a massage and are able to move with greater ease and comfort.

Many pregnant women fear for her baby's well-being and have a fear of labor. If a woman is fearful it can shut her labor down. The use of massage is valuable during labor, massage helps the mother to relax, the more relaxed she is, the more efficient her labor will be. A skilled therapist can provide a therapeutic touch, reassurance and educate her pregnant client that will comfort her during this wonderful time in her life.

If a mother experiences postpartum she can receive a massage. The touch of massage will assist the mother in her emotional recovery process, relieve stress, aches and pains that will allow for relaxation.

In some high risk pregnancy cases, pregnancy massage may be contraindicated and a physician should recommend this form of therapy.


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