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Hot Stone Massage

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hot stone massage


Take your mind to a peaceful place with this luxurious, soothing, relaxing and unique massage. Hot stone massage is a specialty massage that uses smooth, heated basalt stones that absorbs and retains heat. Warmed oils alone with the basalt stones are incorporated into the massage, the combination of pressure and heat massaged into the muscles induce deep relaxation.

A traditional Swedish massage will be performed to warm up the body then the therapist will follow with warm basalt stones. Stones can be placed on various parts of the body and left there for a while. They can be used as tools for deep work performed on trigger points. The stones will be heated to a temperature of 110 to 140 degrees. The heat from the stones allows the muscles to relax quickie than a traditional massage.

It is very important that you communicate with the therapist if the stones are to warm.

On some occasion the therapist might use a cold stone to massage certain Ares. Cold stones are better if the area is inflamed, heat might make the inflamed area feel worst. Cold stones are also great to use in the face.

Some benefits of massage:

Promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation

Improves circulation

Alleviates stress

Releases toxins

Relieves pain

Some conditions treated with hot stone massage:


Muscular aches and pains


Back Pain

Circulatory problems


Stress, Anxiety


So try a hot stone massage today!



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