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How to Get Your Doctor to Approve Massage for Insurance

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 Massage therapy is a good remedy for many complaints of the joints and muscles, as well as some chronic illnesses. Not all doctors or insurance companies approve massage therapy, which means you may need some help getting your doctor to approve a massage and getting your insurance to pay for it. If you feel you need massage therapy, use these steps to try to get it o.k. through insurance.

  Step 1

Find out the exact requirements under your health insurance policy for approval of massage therapy. These might be explained in connection with referrals, specialists, physical therapy or alternative medicine. Some policies may not cover massage at all. Check with your doctor he/she may know the requirements.

Step 2

Make sure all requirements are fulfilled for the referral. This might mean researching providers, finding medical information supporting the referral or doing any other task you think would improve your chances of approval.


Step 3

Talk with your doctor about massage therapy. Tell him/her why you feel you need a massage and what you hope to accomplish. Most doctors are willing to work with you if you seem to have done your homework. In some cases, the doctor will know additional steps that will help walk you throught the insurance process.

Step 4

Complete any additional steps the doctor advises. This could mean getting a second opinion, completing medical exams or filling out paperwork.

Step 5

Make your appointment with the massage therapist. Check with your therapist to make sure insurance is accepted in his/her massage practice.

Step 6

Complete all necessary paperwork as quickly as possible to make sure your insurance company pays out.. If you check around you can find a therapist that will handle the paper work for you




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