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Reflexology is a skillyfully, sciencetific form of therapeutic foot massage.Reflexolgy is becoming widely known and successful because of the dedication of practitioners who continue to study and practice this type of theapy.The body is reflected on the feet through a system of reflexes; and the objective of reflexology is to stimulate and revitalize theses reflexes. Reflexology work with pressure techniques that work with precise reflex points on the feet, base on the idea that reflex points on the feet correspond with all body parts, which are laid out in a similar arrangement on the feet. You can also find these reflexes in the iris of the eye, the ear and the hands. However more practitioners concentrate on the feet because the reflexes are easier to locate and there is a larger area to cover. Reflexology does not isolate a disease and treat it, nor does it work on one specific organ or system, reflexology works on the person as a whole trying to restore a person balance and harmony. A practitioner should be sensitive have strong hands, really want to help ease the pain and suffering of the recipient and return the body to complete blance. An important step with any massage technique is to reduce tension and induce relaxation this along will normalize the body and get the recipient on the way to where they need to be.

Reflexology does not claim to be a miracle cure, but its benefits can have a powerful healing effect.Research has found reflexology to be beneicial in improving ciculation; relieving pain, digestion, tension headaches, mild sinus congestion, menstrual cramps, constipation and respiratory problems.

Some contraindication for reflexology are sinus infections, gout, osteoarthritis affecting the ankle or foot cancer, diabetes, glaucoma, lupus, foot wounds, burns and infection.

Reflexology is not a replacement for your medical physician, consult your physician before trying reflexology.


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