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Benefits of Massage

Benefits of Massage

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You might think of massage therapy or bodywork only as a luxury in exotic spas and upscale health clubs. It doesn't matter how you describe massage therapy and bodywork. Whether it be therapeutic, pampering, rejuvenating, or even good for the soul. The reasons we seek this form of holistic or alternative medicine (pain management, stress relief, or a luxurious treat) is for the benefits massage provides. But did you know that massage therapy, when combined with traditional medical treatments, is used to reduce stress and pain and promote healing in people with certain health conditions.

Accidents, repetitive actions and everyday stresses can cause problems that sometimes seem to take up permanent residence in our bodies. If tension, pain or restricted movement keeps you from living the life you want, massage can help. If deadlines, kids, cooking, cleaning, high gas prices, the economy keeps you tense, massage can help. A gentle, effective therapeutic massage can relax and relieve pain and help heal certain conditions and prevent their return. Massage can be the rescue you need to ease the pressure.

Close to ninety percent of all disease is stress related according to some experts. Stress can age a person both internally and externally faster than anything else. In an ideal world, there would be no stress and anxiety. We live in a fast paced, hurried lifestyle that breeds stress and anxiety. Massage can help manage the pain, pressures, stress and anxiety of today’s world. Massage can help manage pain with special chronic condition, such as, arthritis, asthma, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and fibromyalgia, to name a fees. Clients have reported a sense of well-being and clarity after receiving a massage. This happens because massage helps promote an emotional balance between the mind and body. Massage therapy can be a powerful tool in your health care plan. Massage is therapy for life.

Muscle Benefits
 Reduce pain that results from tense muscles
 Aids in relaxation
 Relieves muscle tension and stiffness

Flexibility and Range of Motion
 Stimulates the production of the bodies natural lubricants to keep flexibility at a maximum
 Can enhance athletic performance as the body ages
 Helps prevent active lifestyle injuries by keeping the body flexible

Rehabilitation after Injury
 Supplements standard rehabilitation procures
 Helps the body pump more oxygen and nutrients into tissue and vital organs

Improves Posture
 Muscles are lessened and relaxed
 Joints enjoy greater freedom
 Pressure points are relieved

Circulation Benefits
 Enhances blood flow
 Moves waste away from muscles and internal organs
 Lowers blood pressure
 Improves body function

Immune System
 Increase the body’s natural killer cells-endorphins
 Aids in the fight against bacteria and infection
 Enhances the body’s ability to get nourishment to important areas

Blood Pressure
 Lower depression, anxiety and hostility
 Keeps stress hormone levels under control
 Low blood pressure can contribute to lowering the odds of having a heart attack, kidney failure or a stroke

Post-Operative Rehabilitation
 Assists the body in pumping more oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs
 Accelerates the rehabilitation process
 Aids in improving joint movement and flexibility

Tension Related Headaches
 Decreases occurrences of headaches, sleep disturbances and distress symptoms
 Allows one to maintain a level of relaxation and stress-relief, reducing the chance of stress induced migraines
 Reduce muscle spasms and trigger points

Stress Relief Benefits
 Lowers heart rate
 Lowers blood pressure
 Relaxes muscles
 Increases endorphins

Relaxation Benefits
 Improves mental outlook
 Reinforces positive attitude
 Promotes relaxed states of mental alertness
 Enhances calm and creative thinking

Because there are some conditions for which massage is not appropriate, inform your massage therapist of even minor problems. Also be aware that some conditions require ongoing communication between your therapist and primary health practitioner.

Kidney Conditions or Liver Conditions
Blood Clots
Contagious Diseases
Uncontrolled Hypertension

Areas that are locally contraindicated

cuts or open wounds
varicose veins
broken bones
skin conditions 



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